How Copend Helps to cope with rising grocery prices?

September 4, 2022by admin0

Groceries are a fact of life, everyone does them and everyone needs them. We need food to survive and non-food products for all sorts of things like cleaning the house or ourselves. Grocery stores are everywhere and shops like Etos and jumbo have truly become indispensable.

However, recently the cost of living has gone up drastically due to, amongst other things, the war and inflation, and it is expected to rise even more in coming months, due to an unprecedent drought in Europe.

Based on a study by research agency GfK, grocery prices in the Netherlands have increased by a massive 15.5 percent since September. In September, the shopping trolley with 55 basic products cost 100 euros. In mid-May, it costs 115.60 euros, de telegraaf.

Everyone is cutting costs where they can, but as mentioned before, groceries are not something we can avoid. People are more and more searching for cheaper grocery items, and even tries local stores, but it takes a lot of effort and time to find the best deals on their groceries.

Copend is a new app, helping people to do their groceries more consciously.


It does this by combining all products from a large number of shops all in one app. Copend builds a big product database from large retailers in Netherlands, like Albert Heijn, Etos, Dirk, Lidl, Coop, ….

Customers don’t have to waste any time searching for the best individual deals—Copend will simply add it all up and let you know the estimated total from each grocery store around your area.

So even though costs are going up and life is more expensive than ever, Copend came to life to help you save money on your groceries. It is an easy-to-use app where you can choose your best decisions on your groceries beforehand

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